Physical and mental health are complex interactions that can have a significant impact on each other. It is often difficult to know where to go for answers. A trained Licensed Professional Counselor who appreciates this complicated relationship and provides a safe place to explore all of the many ways our lives are impacted can be an important part of creating a meaningful life with long-lasting injury or chronic illness.


Nancy is a health and wellness coach. She works with clients using a mind-body approach, as she realizes our memories and emotions can be held in the body and the brain. Using various therapeutic tools, she helps her clients gain personal understanding and meaning from their life journey.


Nancy has experience in primary care working with patients who have a variety of health concerns. She recognizes the profound impact physical health can have on emotional wellness. Nancy offers her clients experiences in expressive therapies and mind-body modalities, including therapeutic movement and writing.


Having lived and worked for many years in France, with several years of experience as a professional gardener, she brings a distinctive perspective to health and wellness grounded in nature and aware of the impact of culture.


Nancy is a Nationally Certified Counselor with an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, focusing on integrated behavioral health. Recently, she helped administer a government-funded study of short-term expressive writing to resolve PTSD symptoms in the military population.